Subject: Dynamically connecting a dispatch-router to a new


We are trying to use the dispatch-router as a load balancer distributing
the messages across a group of downstream brokers. The brokers and the
dispatch-router are on the same private network.

We have a need to dynamically add a broker to the group when the load
In case we want to achieve this, it seems that we need to add a new
"connector" on the dispatch-router to establish the channel with the newly
added broker.

My question is regarding the "connector" concept. Does every connector map
to an actual physical port on the dispatch-router side?

If it's case, then I have these additional questions (otherwise these
questions are invalid).
- What type of information is received on this port?
- Doesn't this limit the number of brokers we can actually manage through
the dispatch-router?
- Is it possible to share the same port across several connectors?

Thanks a lot in advance,

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