Subject: [Bug 1708375] Re: Add support for purple-telegram

> - I don't understand the line `/usr/lib/purple-2*/`.

You are right. Telegram-purple only creates /usr/lib/purple-2/, so
asterix can be removed. In fact I think we don't need
"/usr/lib/purple-2*/ r", as "/usr/lib/purple-2/*.so mr", will do the

> telegram-purple is supposed to detect telepathy, and avoid the path
> `@{HOME}/.purple/telegram-purple/`. Was it really necessary?

It should but it doesn't at the moment.

And yes, it is necessary with 1.3.x. The plugin stores data after
authentication in either @{HOME}/.purple/telegram-purple/ or @{HOME
}/.telegram-purple/ depending on plugin version number. So telepathy-
haze would require read/write access to that folder, otherwise apparmor
give access-denied and users have to re-authenticate each time after
opening the client (empathy).

I will update the patch. Thanks.

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Add support for purple-telegram (telepathy-haze)

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