Subject: [tw] Challenge: Table consisting of tiddlers

Inspired by the really high quality discussions/help lately, I wanted to take the opportunity for a little challenge:
What's the best way to construct a table consisting of tiddlers?You should also be be able to "target" an arbitrary tiddler therein, i.e so you can access its fields data.
Bonus challenge: Target a specific row or column, i.e all tiddlers therein.
The formulation above is intentionally vague so different ideas can be put forth and trigger thoughts one might not get otherwise BUT 

The question came up as I'm fiddling around with ideas for the Graphs plugin framework. If I'm lucky you guys pick up on this (stand-alone) challenge, but just maybe I'd be able to incorporate something of it into Graphs. 
Also, I recall Jeremy long ago expressed a desire for tables-from-tiddlers. I guess now is as good a time as any.

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