Subject: Re: [tw] Re: Blog capabilities of TiddlyWiki

But what if the dropped link was from an external web source? Does the browser still hide the address? Shouldn't it be able to access that url? And if the base url was the same for your TW and the dropped object, wouldn't it be possible to construct the relative path ? I'm thinking that in the context of Arlen's tiddlyserver you might be able to create the appropriate canonical uri tiddler with a portable relative address.


On Saturday, August 12, 2017 at 3:14:24 AM UTC-7, Jeremy Ruston wrote:Hi Tony

> Drag and Drop but only create external links? Allowing a relative link such as .\images would allow the tiddlywiki to be moved with its media to a host.

That trouble is that browsers do not reveal to JS code the original path of the dragged file. We only get the file name portion. Browsers do this for security reasons, and there’s no workaround.

Best wishes


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