Subject: [tw] Blog capabilities of TiddlyWiki

Hi everyone,
I am a new user of TiddlyWiki and I would like to know if the blog functionality of TiddlyWiki may optionally allow the creation of multiple TiddlyWiki files. I know, this is contrary to the one-file concept upon which TiddlyWiki is founded, but I think that there may be major benefits in implementing this as an option (if it has not been implemented already). The use case I have in mind is that of a proper blog, published on the web. I was thinking that in this case it would be extremely unwieldy to have all the media files included within one file. A (still vague) idea occurred to me, which is a hybrid approach actually: could we possibly have TiddlyWiki manage a blog by including only the text contents within the TiddlyWiki file, and using external links for loading the images? This way a user visiting the website won't have to download a massive file containing all the bulky media related to the blog webpages. Has this already been tried? If so, could you please provide some examples/links? I am very interested in this.

Keep up the good work with this AWESOME project! My heartfelt thanks to Jeremy and everyone else. I really appreciate the effort you have been putting into this wonderful piece of software.



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