Subject: [tw] TW5 So lost i need a map.

I thought i had finally wrapped my head around the difference between $var$ and $(var)$, so i went to test it.
Below is my test, and I am at a complete loss for why buttontest1 renders the markup instead of the button, and why buttontest2, when pressed, creates a tiddler that is the exact markup of <<myStateTid>>.
While calling <<myStateTid>> by itself renders as expected.

Please, someone explain this to me.. perhaps using small words. :)

\define myStateTid() """$:/state/$(currentTiddler)$"""

\define buttontest1()
    <$button set="$(myStateTid)$" setTo="edit">Press1</$button>

\define buttontest2()
    <$button set=<<myStateTid>> setTo="edit">Press2</$button>


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