Subject: Re: [tw] Re: [TW5] Desirable core additions

Tony, that sounds like advanced requirements for programming ("similar" inheritance, wow!) that requires a concept, something like a data/structure model and documentation – not exactly stuff that should be covered by standard functionality or a beginner documentation ;–)

The more we know the more we can help, maybe starting with the concept. Maybe you could create an input form from where you create the main tiddler and the related constant tiddler (including the main tiddler’s name in the path).

Cheers, Thomas

2017-08-10 15:37 GMT+02:00 TonyM <[email protected]>:
… I need the constant(s) to be set from a value in an existing tiddler and maintained for that tiddler so some part of a tiddlers name will need to be in the path name to your suggested variable tiddler, then all tiddlers who would access that variable tiddler must know the same tiddler name. … when a tiddler is copied or cloned it will behave the same in it's new name and inherit similar but a different set of values.

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