Subject: [tw] Re: [TW5] Desirable core additions

Ciao TonyM

Good discussion you started. I read it with interest.

I'm  slightly laterally thinking on it ...

(1) -- revision of syntax would likely ONLY be possible in a major revision step ... i.e. for a TW6. So its a Longer Term aim?

(2) -- the recurrent documentation saga with TW is a complex Catch-22. Here works well enough when you are in the know. Its likely a put-off if you are visiting just trying to find your way. I think a big part of the issue is NUMBERS, NOT lack of will. I moaned a lot about "documentation" in the past. Many attempts have been made (e.g. serious ones in Reddit on StackExchange) . They have not fully fruited--though the StackExchange might if it can get more people using it regularly. I think the core issue its a LOW numbers game that has much natural inertia that is in play. Its obvious even skilled people here are sometimes frustrated. BUT, given quite low numbers of (brilliant) active users, the "documentation" solutions IMO fall into a funk-dump of nothing much happening. One needs MORE people to gain the traction needed IMO.

(3) -- I often wonder why there is no single page CRIB SHEET for the syntax with examples. But the truth is most of the "documentation" needed is there for use cases that arise daily spread over GG discussions. The problem is they disappear into the Google Swamp so people have to keep Re-creating The Wheel as great solutions are NEVER MARKED as such. We throw away learning resources at an astonishing rate.

(4) SO, in some ways I think your question is actually TWO different issues: (a) documentation of syntax; (b) simplification of syntax. Of course they are overlapping. But IMO we could be doing a lot better even now documenting the somewhat baroque methodology of TW. Part of it is about FLAGGING good solutions that necessarily instantiate good syntax examples. I suspect that might be EASILY DOABLE. All one would need is a list of links to GREAT POSTS with a description. I been considering doing it myself, but my skill level with computers is, realistically, too low to make such judgement calls.

Just thoughts
Best wishes

On Wednesday, 9 August 2017 03:55:03 UTC+2, TonyM wrote:Folks,

Please forgive my being so brash to propose some TW5 core additions but I am in the middle of a learing curve that may inform some improvements to the core that will help others on this learning curve. I would liove your feedback and if you are a GitHub proficiant person for you to submitt them. First I will explain what I want with a small explination and hope the reasons prove self evident, however I will put a longer argument if requested. I acknowledge there may be a gap in my knowledge and are happy to be set straight. I am no Genius but I am not stupid and a clear way to do the following would have made adopting TW5 much easier. I hope I am using the correct terminology.

Provide tools to create "constants" within a given tiddler and any sub-tiddlers (transcluded, called, macros etc...)
I have finaly learned I can do this using the below

\define currentobjectsrc()
<$wikify name="currentobject" text=<<currentobjectsrc>>>

Such that <<currentobject>> has the same value in all sub-tiddlers

This is still not sufficent as <<currentobject>> can only be used in some places.

Why cant we have an established syntax that allows this as a built in feature?

The current methods are way to convoluted and I fear act as a barier to someone using tiddlywiki as their knowledge must be much deeper than it need be before they can do something most people will think of while they are learing about tiddlywiki. In this case much can be done without learning to navigate a lot of complexity by providing values that are not so context sencitive.

Edit fields in Current Tiddler
Provide the tools to edit fields in the Current Tiddler

The complexity of editing fields in the current tiddler, whilst it has its technical reasons, runs counter to the intuitive value of tiddlywiki. The most practical way is to use the tiddler edit function in which case the user has to see all possible fields and values. I would like to provide access to edit fields in the current tiddler through the View Template, without needing to use two additional tiddlers to achive this.

I understand the issue is the rendering of each key stroke and the loss of focus, but why can we not have a method where you nominate a field and its value is placedn in an external tiddler, you then edit the field value and on pressing a (field) save button, it is written back to the calling tiddler in one shot?

Once again the current methods are way to convoluted and I fear act as a barier to someone using tiddlywiki as their knowledge must be much deeper than it need be before they can do something most people will think of while they are learing about tiddlywiki.


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