Subject: Recent problems with 'screen'

I run fedora 24.

A day ago I did a 'dnf update' and received a new screen
Package screen.x86_64 4.5.0-1.fc24 will be an upgrade
Nothing worth noticing - or so I thought.

The command arguments changed.

I have scripts that use '-L' to enable logging.
... -L -fn ...
The new program takes the following argument as a logfile name.
This is new, there used to be no such file name. This leads to an error
-L logfile name can not start with -
Now I have to modify all of my scripts?

I removed the '-L' (it was already included in a screenrc file).
$ screen -c "/etc/screenrc-1" ...
logfile "/data/logs/screen.log"
log on
No log created.

I then added the '-L' to the end of the command line and it accepted it.
$ screen ... -L
No log created.

I then added the log file name too as in '-L "/data/logs/screen.log"'.
A log was created, but it overwrote the (old log) rather than append to it.

I should say that it all used to work just fine for a long while.

Am I missing something or did things really change that much?


Eyal Lebedinsky ([email protected])

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