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Subject: SDForum Nanotech Series @ Xerox PARC - April 5th, 12th, 19th & 26th


Just wanted to let you know about the SDForum Nanotech Series at Xerox PARC
in Palo Alto (, which I am chairing. The four sessions of
the Series will be held each Monday evening in April - the 5th, 12th, 19th
and 26th. Below is an overview of the Series, with links to the individual
sessions. Please also pass this notice along to others that you think might
be interested in the Series. Thank you.

Series Overview

Nanotechnology has become a hot topic of discussion in the media,
governments circles, corporate boardrooms and on Sand Hill road. From
Silicon Valley to Toyko to Brussels to Bejing, governments and corporations

invested over $6 billion last year worldwide on nanotechnology research.
Although it is field already seen its share of hype, there is a general
consensus that over the long term, nanotechnology is likely to change just
about everything. The SDForum Nanotechnology Series seeks to explain this
complex field, and provide an understanding of what is happening now in the
field, as well as what to expect in the short and long terms. The four
sessions of the Series will cover nanomaterials, tools, nano-biotech and
nano-infotech. The Series will concentrate particularly on the near-term
commercial opportunities in the field, and ...

where you should be placing your
bets to benefit from this burgeoning new field.

April 5th - Nanotechnology The New Materials Revolution
Stan Williams, Hewlett Packard
Eric Drexler, Foresight Institute
John Delli Santi, Senior Vice President, Sales and Services, Accelrys Wasiq
Bokhari, Quantum Insight, Representing ChevronTexaco Nobuyuki Kambe, Founder
of Nanogram Andrew Wahl, Former CEO of Optiva, Inc., and Managing Director
of IG Partners

April 12th - Nanotechnology Tools - The Picks and Shovels of the Revolution
Key Note: Scott Kahn, Chief Science Officer, Accelrys Tom Cellucci,
President and Chief Operating Officer of Zyvex Jeff Chinn, President,
Applied MicroStructures, Inc Joe Fragala, Director of Microfabrication,
NanoInk, Inc.
Jason S. Holloway,CEO, NanoMatrix
Mike Thompson, Business Development M...

anager, Nanotechnology, FEI Company

April 19th - Nanotechnology & Biotechnology - The Next Wave
Stephen Barry, President, Alnis BioSciences, Inc.
John M. Garrison, Senior Director of Marketing, Accelrys Gary Hooper, Vice
President Business Development, Bioproducts, Genencor International, Inc.
Andy Watson, Vice President Business Development, Quantum Dots Michael L.
Weiner, CEO, Biophan

April 26th - Nanotechnology - Information & Technology
Steve Levine, Senior Director, New Business Development, Accelrys Shih-Yuan
(SY) Wang, Senior Staff Scientist Hewlett Packard Laboratories Quantum
Research Group Dan Rubin, Partner, Alloy Ventures Ram Mohan, Strategy
Manager, NEC USA

Best regards,


Scott Mize
Event Chair, SDForum Nanotech Series
Co-founder, AngstroVision, Inc.
Chairman of the Advisory Board
Nanotechnology Opportunity ReportT
[email protected]
415-826-1555 fax


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