Subject: Identity games by Florentin Smarandache

Florentin Smarandache appears to be creating a large number of user accounts, and using them to support the inclusion of articles related to his idiosyncratic theories. The case for this is rather thin, but I hope a developer will see this message and check the IP addresses of the various users.

What I know is this: Smarandache has a history of inventing multiple personalities. I have three confirmed fake names, invented by him. The three personalities are Carol Harlestle, Charles T. Le and George Gregory.

FS = (static line at Gallup)



GG =
(google cache of

Additionally, AxelBoldt has made a case that FS is Dr. Minh Perez, on [[F...

lorentin Smarandache]].

The user accounts which have been created in the past few days and have been used to support Smarandache include johnkamla, Lit-sci, Bigtexas, Arizonaval. I don't know if that's all of them. There have also been suspicious anonymous edits under the Gallup IP addresses and -- could be different computers in the same lab.

If my theory turns out to be correct, I suggest we threaten FS with banning. Identity games like this should not be allowed.

-- Tim Starling.

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