Subject: Re: The Blue Marble is upside down!

Mauro Cavalcanti wrote:
> Dear Jeff & ALL,
> Attached is the latest version of my Basemap embedded in wxPython
> sample application. I have added a check menu option that allows one
> to toggle the overlay of the Blue Marble image on and off the Basemap
> figure. Everything works well -- except that the Blue Marble image is
> plotted upside down! I could not figure out the cause of this, say,
> rather bizarre behaviour. Any hints?
> Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.
> Best regards,
> PS This version has another known bug, to be eventually fixed -- if
> the user has plotted a point coordinate file, the points are erased if
> the Blue Marble overlay is requested because the PlotMap() routine
> calls ax.cla() at the start.
Mauro: The image flipping looks to be a Wx backend bug - it doesn't happen if
you use WxAgg instead.


P.S. It's not recommended to use tabs in python code. Especially don't mix
tabs and spaces (

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