Subject: [HACKERS] Retiring from the Core Team


You will have noticed that I haven't been very active for the past year.
My new work on Linux containers and Kubernetes has been even more
absorbing than I anticipated, and I just haven't had a lot of time for
PostgreSQL work.

For that reason, as of today, I am stepping down from the PostgreSQL
Core Team.

I joined the PostgreSQL Core Team in 2003. I decided to take on project
advocacy, with the goal of making PostgreSQL one of the top three
databases in the world. Thanks to the many contributions by both
advocacy volunteers and developers -- as well as the efforts by
companies like EnterpriseDB and Heroku -- we've achieved that goal.
Along the way, we proved that community ownership of an OSS project can
compete with, and ultimately outlast, venture-funded startups.

Now we need new leadership who can take PostgreSQL to the next phase of
world domination. So I am joining Vadim, Jan, Thomas, and Marc in
clearing the way for others.

I'll still be around and still contributing to PostgreSQL in various
ways, mostly around running the database in container clouds. It'll
take a while for me to hand off all of my PR responsibilities for the
project (assuming that I ever hand all of them off).

It's been a long, fun ride, and I'm proud of the PostgreSQL we have
today: both the database, and the community. Thank you for sharing it
with me.

Josh Berkus
Red Hat OSAS
(any opinions are my own)

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