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On Wed, Jan 11, 2017 at 10:57:58AM -0800, Joshua Drake wrote:
> -hackers,
> I know we have talked about this before but today it was impressed upon me
> rather firmly. I presented a Webinar: Postgres for Oracle People. The
> attendees were 90% pl/pgsql developers. 330 people registered for an event
> that was only allowed to host 100 people. The webinar went on for 2 hours.
> (it was only scheduled for one hour, that is how interactive it was)
> By far the tagline of this webinar from attendees was, "We can not port
> without packages"
> So this is a reality. If we want tried and true Oracle developers to port to
> PostgreSQL, we must provide some level of package capability.
> There are some that would say we don't need them. You are right, we don't
> need them. We should however want them if we want to continue to stomp
> through the business sector and continue growth.
> I use this post to inspire conversation on how we can get this done.

So, we have a TODO item with links:

Add features of Oracle-style packages

A package would be a schema with session-local variables,
public/private functions, and initialization functions. It is also
possible to implement these capabilities in any schema and not use a
separate "packages" syntax at all.

proposal for PL packages for 8.3.
proposal: schema PL session variables
proposal: session server side variables

Is there anything that needs updating there, or it is just a question of
getting someone to implement it?

Bruce Momjian <bruce@xxxxxxxxxx>


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