Subject: Re: Need clarification: What is

Jake McKee wrote:
> I'm trying to better understand the noncommercial attribution - namely,
> what is "commercial" usage?
> Clearly reselling someone's work is "commercial", no questions there.
> But what about usage in commercial activity that isn't commerce? For
> instance:
> - Using an image in a powerpoint slide for your business venture (or
> heck, even a non-profit)
> - Using an image on a web site for your business or organization
> Maybe I'm just not well versed enough in the legalities, but to me,
> that's a big huge part of the point of CC - making it easy enough that I
> don't have to be a lawyer to understand. :)

The definition of "commercial" is not definitively stated anywhere, but
CC has produced a set of guidelines that may be helpful:

The CC wiki has s few more links related to the guidelines:

including particularly a flowchart:

The answer to your questions, according to the guidelines, are that a
business can never make a noncommercial use (unless it's merely helping
a nonprofit or a person to make a noncommercial use). The slide for the
nonprofit and the web site for a nonprofit are probably not co...

mmercial uses.


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