Subject: Re: [Openvas-discuss] Eternalblue ms17-010 and
windows 2003

It is not patched.

Nmap detects it as well

On July 30, 2017 3:20:33 PM GMT+03:00, Antu Sanadi <[email protected]> wrote:


Microsoft has released patch for non supporting platforms including Windows 2003. Target machine might be patched one.

Antu Sanadi

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---- Ali Khalfan wrote ----

I've found the following issue when scanning a subset of windows hosts that openvas is not detecting that the host is vulnerable to ms17-010 . Also, I got no alert that this windows version is 2003 and out of support.

I search for ms17-010 nasl file and I find it there in the host. However I do not find it in the nvt section of the web dashboard.

I try different types of scans like full and fast , full and deep , etc and still no luck .

How can I go about fixing this issue ?


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