Subject: [openstack-dev] [Ceilometer] Unable to add new
metrics using meters.yaml


I was following the instructions @
to add new meters to Ceilometer, but not able to make it work.

I verified meters.yaml file in meter/data folder:

[email protected]:/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/ceilometer/meter/data$

I add the following new meter to the end of that file:

- name: $
event_type: 'cord.dns.cache.size'
type: 'gauge'
unit: 'entries'
volume: $.payload.cache_size
user_id: $.payload.user_id
project_id: $.payload.project_id
resource_id: '"cord-" + $.payload.base_id'

When I inject 'cord.dns.cache.size' metric from a sample publisher to rabbitmq
server (@ exchange 'openstack') on which the ceilometer notification agents are
listening, I don't see these metrics appearing in 'ceilometer meter-list'
output. Can any one plz let me know if I missing any config or change that
prevents custom meter processing in Ceilometer?

Appreciate ur inputs.


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