Subject: [openstack-dev] [qa] glance issue at QA team
meeting on 12 January

Hello QA Team,

There wasn't an agenda for 12 January on the Meetings/QATeamMeeting page
on the wiki, so I took the liberty of creating one. I added an item
under the "Tempest" section to discuss a patch to modify a Glance test
that is currently blocking a few Glance Ocata priorities (community
images and rolling upgrades).

I put the following link on the agenda to provide some background about
the issue and the subsequent discussion:

So far a few QA team members have weighed in on the discussion, either
on the ML or on the patch, but I need to get an official decision from
the QA team on whether the patch is acceptable or not so that we can get
moving. As you know, O-3 is fast approaching!


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