Subject: Re: [openstack-dev] [tripleo] Adding a
LateServices ResourceChain

> 2. Do the list manipulation in puppet, like we do for firewall rules
> E.g see:
> This achieves the same logical result as the above, but it does the list
> manipulation in the puppet profile instead of t-h-t.
> I think either approach would be fine, but I've got a slight preference for
> (1) as I think it may be more reusable in a future non-puppet world, e.g
> for container deployments etc where we may not always want to use puppet.
> Open to other suggestions, but would either of the above solve your
> problem?

I went with (2), even though iteration in Puppet is a little funky.
Looking through the firewall rules implementation helped me
understand how the service_config_settings stuff works.

You can see the updated implementation at:

- (puppet-tripleo)
- (t-h-t)

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