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On 01/11/2017 08:24 AM, Emilien Macchi wrote:
On Wed, Jan 11, 2017 at 9:21 AM, Emilien Macchi <[email protected]> wrote:

OpenStack has been using reno [1] to manage release notes for a while
now and it has been proven to be super useful.
Puppet OpenStack project adopted it in Mitaka and since then we loved it.
The path to use reno in a project is not that simple. People need to
get used of adding a release note every time they submit a patch that
fix a bug or add a new feature. This thing takes time and will require
some involvement from the team.
Though the benefits are really here:
- our users will understand what new features we have developed
- our users will learn deprecations.
- developers will have a way to communicate with non-devs, expressing
the work done in TripleO (eg: to product managers, etc).

This is an example of a release note:

And the output:

So here's a plan proposal:
1) Emilien to add all CI jobs and required bits to have reno in
TripleO (already done for python-tripleoclient). I'm doing the rest of
the projects this week.

I forgot to mention which projects we would target for Ocata:
- python-tripleoclient
- puppet-tripleo
- tripleo-common
- tripleo-heat-templates
- tripleo-puppet-elements
- tripleo-ui
- tripleo-validations
- tripleo-quickstart and tripleo-quickstart-extras


Otherwise this all sounds good to me. Adding reno to more tripleo projects has been on my todo list fo...

r months.

2) Emilien with the team (please ping me if you volunteer to help) to
write Ocata release notes before the release (we have ~ one month).
3) Once 1) is done, I would ask to the team to use it.

Regarding 3), here are some thoughts:
During pike-1 and pike-2:
I wouldn't -1 a patch that does't have a release note, but rather
comment and give some guidance to the committer and ask if it's
something doable. Otherwise, proposing a patch on top of it with the
release note. That way, we don't force people to use it immediately,
but instead giving them some guidance on why and how to use it,
directly in the review.
During pike-3:
Start -1 patches which don't have a release note. I think 3 or 4
months is fair to learn how to use reno (it takes less than 5 min to
create a good release note).

Any feedback is highly welcome, let's make TripleO releases better!


Emilien Macchi

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