Subject: [openstack-dev] [Congress] Installation/Deployment

Hi all. While looking at the installation docs in preparation for
scripting and testing Congress installation
(, I noticed there are
installation instructions in two places: 1) For Users: Congress
Introduction and Installation; and 2) For Operators: Deployment. The
"For Users" section details Devstack as well as Standalone installation.

I would like to rearrange the content: 1) move README.rst/4.1
Devstack-install and 4.3 Debugging unit tests to to the For
Developers/Contributing section; 2) move README.rst/4.2 Standalone
install and 4.4 Upgrade to the For Operators/Deployment section. I think
this would make it easier for end users to create an installation
script or validate an existing script.

Any objections or thoughts?



Aimee Ukasick, AT&T Open Source

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