Subject: [mongodb-user] getting writeError
(mongo/util/concurrency/rwlock.h:204) during
massive insert files to mongoDB with gridfs

Hi, All!
A have a python script witch takes a huge list of images and move them in a circle to mongoDB using gridfs (it stores files in two mongoDB collections, files and chunks).After few thousands of successful transfers I am starting to get following error:
assertion C:\data\mci\77b70aa30ca8170c4ee9bee2ba42cf1f\src\src\mongo/util/concurrency/rwlock.h:204

I tried to debug it and it looks, that it becomes fail during chunk insert, but why this happens I don't know. I test script on my local mongoDB and here is a code on python, which I use
import pymongo
from pymongo import MongoClient
import gridfs

fs = gridfs.GridFS(db)

for image in images_list:
  with open(vers['path'], 'rb') as fileObj:
# try:
grid_in = fs.new_file(filename=image[1]['name'],
metadata={"imageId": image[1]['_id'],
"version": version})
file_id = grid_in._id

  except pymongo.errors.WriteError as we:
print('%s %s:%s' % (image[1]['_id'], we, vers['path']))


I also tried gridfs.put instead of new_file and write and also GridFSBucket.open_upload_stream and GridfsBuscket.upload_from_stream - result always the same. 
Since some moment I am getting error, which a mentioned above

Do you know why this happens and how can I solve it?

Or maybe you can at least answer following question:

- can be some problems because of inserting the same images few times? or images with same filename?
- can it be error because of access to mongoDB (lock mechanizm or smth) and how can I then change it to avoid any conflicts? 

If you have some other ideas, they all are welcome. 

Thank you!

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