Subject: [mongodb-user] Re: Ops Mgr (agents) WINDOWS

Hello Bhupen,
Please find your query response  ....
1 >  Ops Mgr Apps DB work with standalone as well as on replication set also.
2 > Monitoring and backup agent should be installed  by ops manager , if you configured manually then ops manager will not recognise it. Hence avoid manual installation of monitoring and backup agent .

Please  go through below link  ..
Install Ops Manager on Windows

RegardsRanjeet Singh

On Thursday, July 27, 2017 at 12:43:18 PM UTC-4, Bhupen Sinha wrote:Hello experts
Just checking with you on your experience with Ops Mgr (including agents) installation on WINDOWS 10.
With a lot a of struggle I could setup the Ops Mgr service.
1. Does Ops Mgr Apps DB have to be a replica set? I tried with a standalone database , could'nt succeed/ Then I created a replica set on the same server. it worked.2. Ops manager service takes 4-5 minutes just to get connected and be available as a service. Why so?
Still struggling with monitoring agent... one time the ops mgr automatically started the installation of automation agent ... in the process a monitoring agent got installed on my desktop. and the monitoring could recognize a standalone DB which exists on the same server. it showed the db stats too !!!
within 10 minutes the Ops Mgr started complaining that it is not finding the monitoring agent!!!!
I cleaned up the desktop ... restarted the install process...
Ops Mgr is setup but the monitoring agent now NOT getting installed.
I must say the WINDOWS version of ops mgr seems very unreliable.
Any help or a step by step instruction document will be helpful


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