Subject: [mongodb-user] Re: How to mirror Atlas Mongo
environment to on-premise

We are looking for a way to mirror a MongoDB instance in Atlas to on-premise

Hi Ray,

Could you elaborate further on what do you mean by ‘mirror’ ?

Are you aiming for a periodical data copy (i.e. offsite backup) ?

If so, you could try utilising mongodump and mongorestore.

Are you referring to a long term stream mirroring data from Atlas to on-prem ? Depending on your use case, also look into tailing OpLog :

Initially MongoMirror looked promising but looks like it is the opposite of what we need (i.e. on-premise to Atlas only).

Not only mongomirror is the opposite direction, it’s a utility written for migration and not a long term stream case. 

If you have further questions, please see Migration Suppport to file a support ticket.


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