Subject: [mongodb-user] Re: Mongod stuck in stop/waiting on
Ubuntu 14.04

Hi James,

I installed MongoDB on Ubuntu 14.04 as per the documentation. It runs and works fine, except that it mysteriously stops every few hours and requires a manual restart with service mongod restartto get going again. There’s nothing in the mongod.log when this happens.

Could you please provide the following relevant information?

  • Did you follow this documentation for installation Install MongoDB Community Edition on Ubuntu?
  • What MongoDB version are you running?
  • It may be possible that the mongod process was killed by the OOMkiller. Could you check the system log for any hint if this is the case?
  • Could you please elaborate on what do you mean by “nothing in the logs”? Could you also verify your correct mongod log path from /etc/mongod.conf and then check the mongo.log for any notable event, i.e. “Detected unclean shutdown”.
  • In addition, when I restart and then check status with service mongod status, it gives me mongod stop/waiting event hough the application is able to connect to it.

    If your mongod service is stopped you should not be able to connect to it. Another possibility is there is a mongod instance already running on the default port, so the service cannot be started. Do you usually have other mongod processes running on this machine? It may be the case that if your application is connecting to another mongod instance not started by the service process. Please check the relevant logs to discover if this is the case.


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