Subject: Re: Bluetooth connect error

On Friday 03 November 2006 16:12, Norman Urs Baier wrote:
> I wanted to synchronise my Siemens M75 with KDE and installed OpenSync 0.19
> therefore. Now when syncing, I get "Bluetooth connect error":
> Is there a way to get more details about this error and what would be a
> good strategy to fix it? The phone asks me a code when starting msynctool,
> I tried to put everywhere where a code is needed "1234" (in phone, in
> hcid.conf, in plugin configuration...) but it seems either phone or
> computer still do not agree on the code. Please advise! Here some
> supplementary info like traces and other:
I guess the code you mean is the bluetooth pairing code. For the initial
pairing of two bluetooth devices there is such a code needed once. You have
to reply it on both sides while connecting the first time. Or set up a fix
pin in hcid.conf (which i cant recommended). This pin code has nothing to do
with OpenSync..

A easy way to check/create your bluetooth pairing is (as root):
hcitool cc 00:01:E3:5D:E3:73
hcitool auth 00:01:E3:5D:E3:73
hcitool dc 00:01:E3:5D:E3:73

> [email protected]:~ # sdptool browse 00:01:E3:5D:E3:73
> Browsing 00:01:E3:5D:E3:73 ...
> Service Name: OBEX Synchronisation
> Service RecHandle: 0x11104
> Service Class ID List:
>   "IrMC Sync" (0x1104)
This indicates that on Channel 5 is a IrMC service not a SyncML service.

> Protocol Descriptor List:
>   "L2CAP" (0x0100)
>   "RFCOMM" (0x0003)
>     Channel: 5
>   "OBEX" (0x0008)
> Language Base Attr List:
>   code_ISO639: 0x656e
>   encoding:    0x6a
>   base_offset: 0x100
> Profile Descriptor List:
>   "IrMC Sync" (0x1104)
>     Version: 0x0100

Please use the irmc-sync plugin instead of the syncml-obex-client plugin.
Check the README how to setup a bluetooth connection with the irmc-sync

best regards,

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