Subject: Re: [minix3] Setting hostname

On 12/5/2011 8:33 AM, Donald Allen wrote:
I now have minix 3.2.0 running in a qemu virtual machine under 64-bit
Slackware 13.37. I am finding that setting the hostname is a lot more
of a trial than one would expect. It appears from what I can get from
the documentation that entering the hostname in /etc/hostname.file is
the right thing, and, indeed, when you do that, the hostname appears
at the login prompt if you log off or go to another virtual terminal.
But, if you reboot, something during the boot process over-writes
/etc/hostname.file with a new one containing the IP address. Some
grep-ing and find-ing have failed to turn up where this is happening.
In any case, I've dealt with this by over-writing /etc/hostname.file
with what I want it to be in rc.conf. Is there a way in minix 3 to set
the hostname permanently?

The /etc/hostname.file is set during boot in /usr/etc/rc by invoking "hostaddr -h". A fixed hostname only makes sense if it actually is tied to some fixed IP address. If you are using DHCP to get your IP address, then you should also have a DNS that maps that IP address to the host name.

You can get away with a fixed IP address coming from the DHCP server and no DNS by putting that IP and your host name into /etc/hosts.

Regards, Jan

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