Subject: Re: Mac OS X java.library.path

How to build and install the lp_solve Java extension on Mac OS X:

Download and expanded lp_solve_5.5_source.tar.gz into a
directory named 'lp_solve_5.5'.

Download and expand into a
directory named 'lp_solve_5.5_java'.

1) Build the lp_solve library.

$ cd lp_solve_5.5/lpsolve55
$ sh ccc.osx

This creates two new files in the lpsolve55 subdirectory:

$ ls liblp*
liblpsolve55.a liblpsolve55.dylib

2) Install the lp_solve library.

If not already in directory lpsolve55, cd to it. Copy liblpsolve55.a
liblpsolve55.dylib to /usr/local/lib (you may need to create
/usr/local/lib first: sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/lib):

$ sudo cp liblpsolve55.a liblpsolve55.dylib /usr/local/lib

3) Test the build and installation.

$ cd lp_solve_5.5/demo

The ccc.osx script is broken. The good news is that version 5.5 of
lp_solve fixes the "malloc.h" incompatibility on the Mac that was in
earlier versions. The Unix/Linux script now works on OS X. Be
it may take several seconds to build 'demo':

$ sh ccc

The example problems in the demo should issue no errors and have
"Excellent numeric accuracy ||*|| = 0":

$ ./demo

4) Build the lp_solve JNI extension.

$ cd lp_solve_5.5_java/lib/mac

The script "build-osx" in the mac subdirectory is a DOS text file:

$ file build-osx
build-osx: ASCII English text, with CRLF line terminators

If you try execute this file, you will get "command not found"
errors. To
convert it into a Unix file, remove the carriage returns:

$ tr -d "\r" < build-osx > build-osx1

Edit build-osx1 to set LPSOLVE_DIR to the location of directory
lp_solve_5.5 on your computer. Change the two occurrences of '5.1' to
'5.5' and the two occurrences of '51' to '55' in the last line of
> build-osx1.

$ sh build-osx1

This creates the extension library liblpsolve55j.jnilib.

5) Install the lp_solve JNI extension.

The file liblpsolve55j.jnilib should be copied to /Library/Java/
if you want it to be available to all users. We assume this will be a
private installation (create the Java extensions directory if necessary;
e.g., mkdir -p ~/Library/Java/Extensions):

$ cp liblpsolve55j.jnilib ~/Library/Java/Extensions

6) Test the Java extension:

$ cd lp_solve_5.5_java/demo
$ java -cp ./demo.jar:../lib/lpsolve55j.jar Demo

The numerical results of the Java Demo should be identical to those
of the
C demo.

There is a Java unit test. Out of 122 tests, I got 5 errors and 3
failures, all of which could be explained (missing XLI applications,
missing BFP libraries, outdated version numbers in tests, negligible
floating point differrences):

$ java -cp ./unittests.jar:../lib/lpsolve55j.jar:../lib/junit.jar

7) For more information about Java programming on Mac OS X:

Java Frequently Asked Questions: Common Development Questions

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