Subject: Re: Locate Vs Find

Sunday, November 28 14:38:06

> On Mon, 2004-11-22 at 22:22, Ankit Jain wrote:
> Which is more efficient? /if both perform the same
> work and are not different then why shoudl we have 2 ?

That's not true, they do not preform the same task.
`find' doesn't find files, it's just a side effect of
the program. `Find's' real occupation is to evaluate files.
a.k.a. to preform tests on them. For example:
find / -atime +1 -fstype ext2 -name core -exec rm '{}' \;
find . \( -fstype nfs -prune\) -o \
\( -type d -a -exec chmod 771 '{}' \; \) -o \
\( -name "*.BAK" -a -exec /bin/rm '{}' \; \) -o \
\( -name "*.sh" -a -exec chmod 755 '{}' \; \)
find /home -xdev -size +500k -ls > blabla
find /usr/include -xtype f -exec grep foobar \
/dev/null '{}' \;
Find recurses down a structure and preforms a stat() system call for each
regular file it encounters.. I advise you to read man page or stat(),
lstat(), readdir and the dirent.h header file..

`Locate's' only purpose is to find files. It builds a database of all
files which then later on can be searched..

There are no. examples of c code directory handeling available in the
snippits section at or more `find' examples in



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