Subject: Re: Woodwind diagrams: Recorder

On 11/01/17 17:54, Francisco Vila wrote:
> Before starting, I have a question just in case anyone can answer:
> Should I create a Recorder entry into the tin-whistle family in
> scm/display-woodwinds-diagrams.scm, or better create a new Recorder
> family?

My reaction is that the recorder actually belongs to the flute family,
so it would make sense to give it its own family.

My other reaction is that there's a whole bunch of recorders, so again,
grouping them on their own makes sense.

If there's a whole bunch of common code, you could note at the start
that the recorder is similar to and calls out to the tin-whistle family,
or you could just try factoring it out.

Not being a wind player, I get the impression that flute, clarinet and
sax fingerings are all very similar, and are they all bunched together
into one family?


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