Subject: [Libmesh-users] pre-partitioning a big mesh

Hi all,

I am working with a relatively large 3D exodusII meshes 15-50 M elements that I
create using Trelis (CUBIT). Right now I have crude procedure to pre-partition
this mesh on a machine with a large memory basically by reading it in a small
libMesh program and then writing it out as a nemesis series. This is not ideal
and I would like to find a way to pre-partition this mesh on my office machine
(or a small cluster) for any number of CPUs.
I searched through the mailing list and have found this thread:
<> that suggests use
of SEACAS or using meshtools to save the mesh into an XDR format. I had little
success with the first method since the documentation for SEACAS are
incomplete. I managed to create a partition using nem_slice but could not make
nem_spread work (probably not doing the inp file correctly).

I would like to ask the developers as well as the members of mailing list to
comment and share their procedure dealing with large meshes.

Many thanks in advance,

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