Subject: [Libmesh-users] parallel_mesh

Dear all,
we are trying to build parallel meshes. What i need is that each processor has
just its own mesh.

We are coupling a fem code with FD code thus we need to guarantee also the same

We have already implemented a routine to do this but we have some questions.


If our setup of elements already includes elements across process boundaries,
do we need to still call gather_neighboring_elements()?
I added the following line to our code:


but it seems to take forever to execute that in dbg mode (Even with very few
grid points i.e. ~100 [8 procs]).


The mesh looks ok if I output it even without the above line added but I trip
different asserts in dbg mode depending on the type of element I use (I have
both implemented).

If I use Tri3 I trip:

Assertion `oldvar == static_cast<Told>(static_cast<Tnew>(oldvar))' failed.
oldvar = 18446744073709551615
static_cast<Told>(static_cast<Tnew>(oldvar)) = 4294967295

If I use Quad4 I trip:

Assertion `i < _points.size()' failed.
i = 0
_points.size() = 0

The messages are identical on each process.

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