Subject: Online judge and Haskell?


it's me again and I have a new mad idea.
There are a lot of programming contests out there
and unfortunately most (all?) of them do not allow
Haskell code till now!
I think, this is hard to accept.
Why not ask the people which run

to provide their problem sets, input and output files
and the basic judging software and install it at Alternatively this may be a nice project
for a student. I think an adaption of this software to
permit Haskell code can not be that difficult!

Do you think there is a need for such a project? Maybe
it could help Haskell to become a part of official
programming contests and hence to gain more popularity.

I'm sorry to say, that due to another project my free time
is very limited so I can not get it going by only myself.


that's where I just curry until fail, unwords any error,
drop all undefined, maybe bre...

ak, otherwise in
sequence span isControl and take max $, id: (d:[])

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