Subject: Re: border (or frame??) missing on Konsole

On 08/08/2017 02:57 PM, FHDATA wrote:

> I am using KDE 4.4.14
> I have my Scroll bar ... on the left side...
> The right side has nothing so when I hover mouse
> to let say stretch the window [horizontally] it's visually difficult (for my
> old eyes) to spot the border (which does not really exist)
> how can I get the border enabled on Konsole?


I'm not sure if you are talking about the changes that cause the border to not
be displayed when a window is bumped against a screen edge. (the outer border
used to be used as the "magnet" on a corner, but now the border is placed
offscreen with the edge of window content being abutted to the screen edge)

The plasma developers argued this change based upon Fitt's Law
( IIRC, though i don't know the
exact argument that was used.
(I personally am one of the detractors of that -- it should definitely be a
user-controlled preference)

Anyway, as the KDE Window borders have always been WAY to small by default, i
rarely use them, and instead you Mouse/Keyboard accelerators:

<ALT> + <Right-Mouse-Button-Drag>

can be used Internally NEAR an edge or corner of a window to resize it.

<ALT> + <Left-Mouse-Button-Drag>

moves a window.

So, just get within an inch of a corner of a konsole window with
"<ALT><Right-Mouse-Button>" and drag the corner where you want.

In Plasma5 this is the ONLY way to resize the plasma panel popups (K-Launcher,
notifications, etc), as there are no active edges/corners to grab :-( )

Now, instead if this is a window-rule you accidentally (or intentionally got

$ kcmshell4 -...

-list | grep -i rules (kshell5 --list | grep -i rules # in
should show you 'kwinrules'.
$ kcmshell4 kwinrules
* kcmshell is a direct route to 'systemsettings' application, and kwinrules is
same as title-bar Context (right-click) -> "More Actions" -> Window-Manager
Settings -> "Window Rules"

You probably would have a rule in there that had an override in
[Appearance and Fixes]
[X] No titlebar and frame [ Action Context ] [X] Yes [ ] No


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