Subject: Parley status


I'm interested in the status and the future of Parley.

In the last weeks I evaluated many vocabulary lerning solutions/programs for
my kid. As a long time KDE user I choosed Parley at first. It works ok but has
some bugs which needs to be fixed for serious use. Also I find the user
interface confusing in some parts, espacially for kids.

So I tried other program and websites. In short: they are all not very good in
my opinion. Here and there are good things but I didn't find an overall
satisfying solution.
Finally I still see a potential in Parley, I like the functionality and I have
many (rough) ideas what could be improved.

For some time now I wanted to dig a little bit into kde development, so I'm
thinking to start working on Parley. But the question is if it's worth it.

What do you think?
Is Parley dead?

I might join the KDE Edu sprint 2017, if it's ok to come there for a Qt/KDE

I'm a software developer, mainly using web technologies like php, js,
typescript. In the past I did a bit C, Modula 2, Oberon.

Is there somebody around Hannover (Germany) who can give me an introduction to
kde development?



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