Subject: Re: HTTP Authorization Manager cannot supply
credentials to NTLM authentication

On 18/02/2009, Wen, Fred TRAN:EX <[email protected]> wrote:
> I'm using JMeter 2.3.2 to test an IIS6 site with only NTLM auth enabled.
> Client, server and Windows user are all in the same domain. In HTTP
> Authorization Manager I specified another domain account/password to use
> for authentication.


> If I use HTTP Request HttpClient sampler, the server response is 500 -
> internal server error. I have tweaked pre-emptive config according to
> JMeter docs but it makes no difference.

I don't think one can use pre-emptive auth with NTLM.

> If I use HTTP Request sampler, the authentication is performed using
> Windows user acct, not the acct I specified in HTTP Authorization
> Manager as supposed to.

The Http Request (Java) sampler ignores the domain.

Try using domain/user in the user field.

> I used Wireshark to monitor the underlying
> traffic and found the account specified in HTTP Authorization Manager is
> supplied to server using Basic authentication (clear password) in first
> request - the preemptive mode. The server rejected the request with 401
> response; next round Windows account is provided in NTLM mode by JMeter.

Are you referrring to HttpClient or the non-HttpClient sampler?

> In summary no matter what sampler I use, JMeter stumbled on NTLM
> authentication and HTTP Authorization Manager didn't not perform as
> expected.
> Any suggestions?

See above re domain/user

Is the server publicly accessible?
That would help in testing any possible solutions.

> Thanks
> Fred


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