Subject: Problem with Lejos v3 on serial port in Win32

Hi everyone!

I've tried to investigate further why Lejos 3 won't communicate with RCX on
serial port (Win32)
It looks that new communication code in v3 (C++ stuff, not Java) is the
problem. Since I haven't done C++ for a long time and
I don't know the easy way to build and debug the C++ code I took another

I copied JTools from earlier version of Lejos 2.1.0 to Lejos 3.0.
This ensures that communication is done the old way, while still keeping
Lejos up at v3 level.
I guess the only downside is that any software that would try to communicate
with RCX (not upload or download firmware or programs) will use old protocol
and possibly even crash. But since I was interested only in RCX programming
for now, this'll do the trick.

Question to Lejos devs: is there an easy way to test that I am indeed
running Lejos v3 (not v2.1.0) on my RXC and that Lejos 3 code is being build
in Eclipse?
What are the new features of Lejos v3 compared to Lejos v2....

Here are the steps I followed (hopefully usefull to whoever else is having
the problem)

To fix Lejos v3
1) Unpack Lejos v3 in directory of your choice.
2) Setup all the env variables as usual
3) Download Lejos v2.1.0 and unpack it into temporary directory
4) Get the following files from Lejos v.2.1.0

and copy them into appropriate directories where your Lejos 3 is installed.
Overwrite files when asked.


To fix Eclipse Lejos plugin (note: you do NOT need to have Lejos installed)

0) Unpack "Lejos v3 Eclipse plugin" into temporary directory Lejos-Eclipse-3
1) Unpack "Lejos v3 Eclipse plugin" into Eclipse as usual
2) Get the Lejos v2.1.0 Eclipse plugin, unpack it into temporary folder
3) From Lejos v2.1.0 plugin directory get the following files

and copy them into appropriate directories in your
eclipse/plugins/org.lejos_3.0.0/ directories, overwrite files when prompted

IMPORTANT : in the next two steps will will put back Lejos v3 firmware into
jtools.jar. In other words we will be using old JTools but new firmware.

4) Go back to original Eclipse Lejos v3 (where you unpacked it in step 0)
and find file plugins\org.lejos_3.0.0\lib\jtools.jar
5) Open this jar (you ...

can rename it to .zip) and pack three *.srec files
into the jtools.jar located in your eclipse directory.

6) Restart Eclipse. Don't forget to specify your RCX port in Eclipse

The above has been tested on Eclipse 3.3 M3

Let me know if you run into any problems


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