Subject: Re: Generate (REALLY) Dynamic Form

It depends on the phase-- one of the first issues discussed in the JSF 2.0 spec was that you should not manipulate the component tree beyond a certain point in the lifecycle-- like during or after rendering-- and that JSF today doesn't provide or outline specific hooks for allowing an end developer to provide programmatic manipulation.

What if I register a validator during the Update phase or add some input components then-- is the state of my tree guaranteed in successive declarations?

If I have component X defined in a template, it's under ownership of that template for dictating child content and other behavior. That's your set of instructions for producing a component [tree]. What's actually needed in the spec is post component tree creation or post component creation hooks, providing the ability to then modify the component [tree] returned from the instructions outlined in the template.

Ken Paulsen wrote:

Hello everyone, I just joined this email list. For those that don't know me, I'm Ken Paulsen and I started JSFTemplating, which also supports most of the Facelets syntax (although with a completely independent implementation). Enough about me...

I was pointed to this thread, which I have now caught up on. If I understand what it being stated, I am very concerned. Is it accurate that Java code that manipulates the UIComponent tree does not work? For example:


Or does it partially work? What are the limitations? I am particularly interested in knowing this as the Facelets syntax (and perhaps large portions of the impl) will be part of JSF 2.0. This type of limitation, if it exists, is unacceptable in a core JSF implementation (although perhaps reasonable for a custom ViewHandler).


Ken Paulsen

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