Subject: Re: [collections] ListUtils.predicatedList()
throws IllegalArgumentException

Ah. Ok. My workaround was to use the FilterIterator.
So, what is the predicatedList(List, Predicate) method for? It tests if all elements of the List match the Predicate. If one fails, the predicated List is not created. So one needs to use an empty List and add the elements after the creation. This makes the List parameter obsolete in my opinion.
Also, throwing an IllegalArgumentException is critical, as long as it is not well documented. While this exception is used to control the program flow, I would prefer a boolean return value (add(Object) returns true, if the List has changed).


This is a misunderstanding of the PredicatedList.

ListUtils.predicatedList() returns a list that blocks the addition of new
elements to the list. Thus the list only contains elements that match the
predicate. The blocking of new elements also applies to the initial list
creation, hence your exception.

What you describe would be called ListUtils.filteredList(). ie. a list that
accepts all elements, but hides them when queried. A filteredList() has not
been coded.


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Subject: [collections] ListUtils.predicatedList() throws

Hi, am I getting it wrong? I want to create a predicatedList, my code
is like this:

predicatedList = ListUtils.predicatedList(list, new

The list already contains some elements.
I would expect, that the predicatedList is some sort of a filtered List
of my original list. MyPredicate.evaluate() returns true or false,
which I believe is the expected behaviour. true, if the object should
appear in the predicatedList and false if it doesn't.
But the following exception is thrown:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot add Object - Predicate
rejected it
org.apache.commons.collections.CollectionUtils$ li
org.apache.commons.collections.CollectionUtils$PredicatedCollection.<i ni
org.apache.commons.collections.ListUtils$PredicatedList.<init>(ListUti ls
org.apache.commons.collections.ListUtils.predicatedList( :4
at TableDataSource.setFilter(

The affected code in CollectionUtils is:

protected void validate(Object o) {
if (!predicate.evaluate(o)) {
throw new IllegalArgumentException("Cannot add Object -
Predicate rejected it");

which makes me wonder why this validation should throw an exception and
not just return true or false. So I believe I haven't understood how
Predicates work. Looking at the test cases, don't make the situation
more clear to me, because there are some "BlukTests" used, which make
the testing process cryptic. Usually I can learn a lot by looking at
test cases, but in this case, I don't see how the predicatedList()
method is completely tested at all. Any explanations are highly
appreciated. Thank you,


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