Subject: [[email protected]] Disable Autoindex module

Dear Experts
Hi I am new to Apache configuration. I have been tasked to set up a Development and Production Apache Server running on RHEL to run a Drupal website. 
I now have it up and working but now I have to secure the server we use NESSUS vulnerability scanner to to find vulnerability's in the server. 
One of the scans came up with this 

1.2.5 Disable Autoindex module 
The Apache autoindex module automatically generates web page listing the contents of directories on the server, typically used so that an index.html does not have to be generated. 
Perform the following to determine if the module is enabled. Run the httpd server with the -M option to list enabled modules: 
# httpd -M | grep autoindex_module 

The module is there but if I go into the etc/httpd/conf.mod...

ules.d folder i find 
00-base.conf when i edit this file I can go in and disable the auto index module. But when i restart Apache it fails Any one no why this happens? Am i disabling the module correctly? 

Any help would be great thanks in adavance 
Running Red Hat 7 and Apache 2.4

David Wright

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