Subject: Re: [[email protected]] Permission to enable CGI Scripts
to do an I/O on the file system

You didn't specify system, so I assume it's a standard Linux installation. CGI scripts by default run with permissions of the web server, which are intentionally limited. However, you can create new files and directories in /tmp, possibly using tempfile module. If you want more than just a temporary file then you should consider using database since writing arbitrary files from CGI scripts would otherwise cause concurrency and security problems.


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On 11/08/17 00:29, Kiorp Pilu wrote:
I have written a python script that will spit out a log file. This python script will be executed as a CGI script. 
I am able to run the python program, but not able to make it write to an output file. How can I enable Apache web server to do so ?
Thanks,  Dann

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