Subject: RE: [[email protected]] Hide URL link of target



Chris Chia wrote:


Chris> Is there a way to hide the URL link when hover over the link

Chris> and also when browser is in the process of connecting to target site.


Gillis J. de Nijs replied:


Gillis> Displaying the URL when hovering over the link or loading

Gillis> the site is something your browser does, and not something

Gillis> Apache httpd has any control over.


Good point.  :-)


It is possible code all links to call _javascript_ to submit forms.  Therefore, each link would require it's own form, and each link would in effect be a POST and not a GET.  Hovering the mouse over a link would not show the URL in the bubble or status bar.


Kurt Bremser also replied:


Kurt> a look at the source code on the browser (you cannot

Kurt> block that from the server) will reveal the URL anyway


Also a good point.  :-)


It might be possible to encode the URL's in the forms in some way to hide the values, but they could still be decoded by a determined person.



Cris Berneburg

CACI Lead Software Engineer



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