Subject: Re: [[email protected]] How to use binary to run httpd
in different location [wd-vc]

You "only" need to create a new configuration subtree (conf, htdocs, cgi-bin,
icons, images, logs) and run the httpd with the -f option that points to the
new httpd.conf file.
In the conf file, adapt ServerRoot accordingly, and use absolute paths to the
Make sure to run the envvars from the bin directory before you start httpd (it
sets the necessary path env variables).

Kurt Bremser
Allianz Technology GmbH

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Von: Hemant Chaudhary [[email protected]]
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 2. August 2017 11:21
An: [email protected]
Betreff: [[email protected]] How to use binary to run httpd in different location


I have ported apache on my machine. I have copied bin,lib.conf,modules,
htdocs,logs to another location. Now I want to run my apache in new location
with these things only.
I changed path in httpd.conig and apachectl of new location, but while starting
it is starting apache in old location.

For example :
I ported apache on /home/hemant ..
I copied bin,conf,logs,htdocs,modules to /home/rakesh and in httpd.config I
replace all path of /home/hemant to /home/rakesh and changed port also. But
when I am starting apache, it is only starting at /home/hemant.

Without again configure,make and make install can I use it another location ?


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