Subject: [NH] فلم فض
وتغنج و
تنزل دم ++18

A dear customer of mine (my mother!) is experiencing stomach pain as a
result of using the LLV pack. She started them 1 week ago and always
takes them with food, but between the fishy taste (occasional burping)
and the stomach aches she is not feeling benefitted by them :) I
would really like to support her into better health and less pain in
her life. She went through breast cancer, mastectomy & chemo last
year. She also had carpal tunnel surgery about 3 weeks ago.

I thought perhaps her stomach lining had been damaged by the chemo,
but she insists that she hasn't had any stomach pain prior to taking
the supplements.

I would love some suggestions as to why this might be happening and
how she might overcome it to get the incredible nutritional benefits
of LLV!

Thank you!

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