Subject: [visualization-api] Scripts for Google Charts not
loading, but the Loader loads just fine

I've created an application that uses the Gantt Chart and for most users it works just fine. They host the application on their own server and it uses the "newer" method of loading the styles/scripts which my code then leverages to create a Gantt Chart.

It includes the necessary scripts like so:

google.charts.load( 'current', {
        'packages': ['gantt'],
} );

This works just fine most of the time and loads the necessary scripts, as seen here. 

But for some reason, on the User's website it only loads these scripts. So, only the Loader itself is present and none of the actual scripts we need.

This causes Google Charts to return its (Entirely unhelpful) little red "Error" box without any details logged to the Browser Console. I could send them a build with Debug set to true, but since it isn't loading the scripts at all I don't think this is an issue with the code actually creating the Chart.

The User reports that they're doing nothing to block any requests to "" and that on their Staging site where they've disabled all forms of caching this still persists.


So I figured, "Ok, let's see if I can get everything in a single request. That should break through this barrier, right?"
However, if I try to use the deprecated Loader to grab the necessary styles and scripts in a single go, it tells me the Package doesn't exist. I'm assuming this is because the Gantt Chart is newer and it wasn't added to the old, deprecated API.

The following JSON is used to create the URL:

I tried naming the Package "ganttchart" as well with no success. It just says that the Package doesn't exist.

Has anyone else experienced this? Has anyone found a way around it? I haven't been able to replicate what the user is experiencing which has made debugging very difficult.

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