Subject: [visualization-api] Table set maximum height

I know the Table visualization takes parameters for height and width, but what I really want is a parameter for max-height.  I've tried not supplying a height parameter and just constraining the height of the enclosing div, but then if the table exceeds the div dimensions in both directions, I need to scroll down to the bottom of the table in order to find the horizontal scrollbar (this is on Chrome on a Linux desktop, and I don't have a horizontal scroll gesture -- I need to user the scrollbar), and the table header won't be fixed.  Example at  I can get the scroll behavior I want by specifying my max-height as the height option when drawing the table, but then if the data would ordinarily take up much less vertical space than my max-height, it expands to fill it, which I don't want.  Is there a way to get it to only take up as much space as needed, unless that space would exceed my max dimensions, and then have sensible scrollbars?

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