Subject: Re: What about allowing multiple hooks?

Junio C Hamano wrote:
I deliberately omitted support for multiple scripts in core git Porcelains
to avoid this exact issue. It is a huge can of worms and it is dubious if
you can have a coherent and generic enough semantics.

In the meantime, you can have a single .git/hooks/pre-commit script that
defines your own convention. Maybe it uses .git/hooks/pre-commit.d/
directory, full of scripts, and implements the semantics you want,

(1) the execution order and the naming convention of the scripts (e.g.
they all live in pre-commit.d/ directory, and executed in ASCII byte
value order of their names);
> (2) how their exit status combine together.

I need multiple hooks, so I've done some thinking about this, so I thought it may be a good idea to share this here.

I currently use configvalues to specify which hooks to run. For example this is how my post-receive looks:

git config --get-all

e.hook | while read hook; do
$hook <<__EOF__

Now none of my hooks wants to prevent update, so I don't care about return status. But it could easily be extended, for example by having some indicator per hook that can have the values (are these enough?):

ignore - pretent that no failure was returned no matter what
sufficient - if this hook suceeds end result is always sucess
required - if this hook fails we fail, no more hooks are run

That could be done with the simple configvalue thing as follows:

git config -add \

git config -add \
git config -add \
git config -add \
git config -add \

One problem is that to change order one has to resort to manually editing config. So maybe something richer could be used:

[hooks "allow-repo-owner-to-do-anything"]
cmd = /usr/share/git-hooks/
enabled = 1
type = post-receive
mode = sufficient
priority = 10

[hooks "mail"]
cmd = /usr/share/git-hooks/
enabled = 1
type = post-receive
mode = ignore
priority = 1000

(this would even allow running hooks at same priority simultaneously)

Also then the hook's own config variables fits nicely in same section. (note that then each [hooks "x"] will be an instance that could use the same script, but different configvars)


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