Subject: [Geotools-devel] [JIRA] (GEOT-5795) WARNING:

Mark Prins created an issue   GeoTools / Bug GEOT-5795 WARNING: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: Issue Type: Bug Bug Affects Versions: 18-beta, 17.2 Assignee: Unassigned Components: wfs-ng Created: 01/Aug/17 2:36 PM Priority: Medium Medium Reporter: Mark Prins

When loading a WFS cpas file I'm seeing the following message popup in my logs:

Aug 01, 2017 2:05:14 PM org.geotools.xml.SchemaFactory loadSchemas
WARNING: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:

supposedly because there is a services file in wfs-ng that lists this class, and only this class.
I have tried to find an class WFSSchema, but have been unable to find this, even by any other package, so I guess this sort of slipped in in the past.

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