Subject: ★★★ [Giveaway Time] – Get your
Self-Defense STRIKEPEN™

Dear [email protected],

Enter your shipping address and get your f.r.e.e. STRIKEPEN, complements of Ape

★★★ [Giveaway Time] – Get your Self-Defense STRIKEPEN™

They are giving away 700 of their Premium Tactical Pens, you just need to tell
them where to ship it!


The STRIKEPEN makes for the perfect self-defense tool:

It's discreet, compact and easy to carry yet is solid enough to pack a brutal
blow that will knockout any opponent. Plus, it's a fully functional pen you're
going to use every day.

But if you want one, you need to act now because the last giveaway only lasted
2 hours before stock was gone.

To get your f.r.e.e. STRIKEPEN enter your shipping address here.

To a safe future,

P.S. Over 2300 STRIKEPENS have already been shipped out so these last 700 won't
last long!

>> Get your STRIKEPEN while they're available <<

P.P.S. Just so you know, the last 700 have been reserved for our subscribers
only (This means YOU!) So, don'...

t miss your chance because they're going to go
very fast!

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