Subject: [VOTE] First release candidate for HBase 1.1.12
(RC0) is available

I'm happy to announce the first release candidate of HBase 1.1.12
(HBase-1.1.12RC0) is available for download at

Maven artifacts are also available in the staging repository

Artifacts are signed with my code signing subkey 0xAD9039071C3489BD,
available in the Apache keys directory
keys/committer/ndimiduk.asc and in our KEYS file

There's also a signed tag for this release at

The detailed source and binary compatibility report vs 1.1.9 has been
published for your review, at

HBase 1.1.12 is the twelfth patch release in the HBase 1.1 line, continuing
on the theme of bringing a stable, reliable database to the Hadoop and
NoSQL communities. This release includes nearly 10 bug fixes since the
1.1.11 release. Notable correctness fixes include HBASE-9393,
HBASE-15691, HBASE-18390,

The full list of fixes included in this release is available at
projectId=12310753&version=12340864 and and in the CHANGES.txt file
included in the distribution.

Please try out this candidate and vote ...

+/-1 by 23:59 Pacific time on
Saturday, 2017-08-19 as to whether we should release these artifacts as
HBase 1.1.12.


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